For client businesses and organisations

We provide a tailored recruitment service for our clients gaining you access to a highly-skilled and much sought-after talent pool of ex-military personnel.

For a competitive one-off fee, we provide a value-added package of; a targeted plan to fill your vacancy, psychometric testing of a new starter’s workplace-resilience and a mentoring programme – to support a new starter during their first 100 days.

  • We meet your recruitment objectives by leveraging our connections with those with an ex-Forces background, transitioning from a military to a civilian career.
  • We deliver a client-led service enhancing your hiring process by supporting your aim of finding the right person that fits the role.
  • Because “fit” is so important we can provide an extra service to assess a new starter we introduce, using a psychometric “stress-test” a scientific tool, called the Mental Toughness Questionnaire.
  • By measuring an individual’s resilience levels, it gauges, amongst other aspects, their readiness for a new working environment, “from the battlefield to the boardroom” or wherever your vacancy exists!

To find out how we can help your business and with no obligation, please contact Matthew Sheerin, Director – After the Military – Building a Bridge to a New Career – on 07517 675 038 or email:

For Forces leavers and veterans, spouses and family members

  • After the Military provides a specialist recruitment and headhunting service tailored to help you find a new job for our clients, where many of them recruit from the ex-military talent pool. In fact, you may have Forces colleagues and contacts who have gone down this career path?
  • Others may not yet but are open to meeting people like you with a military background, about your next career move and crucially about specific current job vacancies.
  • We are highly experienced within specialist vertical markets, including; construction, cyber, facilities management, finance and accounting plus many other sectors; with access for you to exciting job opportunities in for example; leadership, project management or technical roles.
  • After the Military has established relationships with leading employers where the military ethos and mindset is highly valued and who can offer you the opportunity of embarking on a fulfilling new career.

For further information – about how we can work with you to gain access to exciting new job opportunities and fulfilling careers – contact Matthew Sheerin – Director – After the Military – Building a Bridge to a New Career – on 07517 675 038