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After the Military offers professional career and transition services for ex-Forces personnel, their spouses, partners and family members. Our programmes have been designed after
wide consultation with ex-Forces personnel, using the latest research into what makes for successful transition from military life. And we tailor them to your particular situation.

What we do?

We support armed-forces leavers through transition – helping them to make the right career choice and to showcase their newly improved skills in the jobs market.

How we do it?

We use a combination of professional one-to-one coaching, mentoring and skills-training sessions, fine-tuned to suit your personal circumstances.

Techniques include:Career Planning Process Graphic

  • evidence-based psychometric tools which measure your mental toughness in readiness for change and that establish your personality type
  • effective career planning – finding out what your options really are
  • interviewing practice to upgrade your skills so you’re fully prepared (we can video these sessions)
  • enhancing your CV – so you make the right impact
  • enhancing your on-line presence which can be so important for today’s world of work

And we’ll develop other key areas such as:

  • improving your communication skills with employers and recruiters so you are more competitive in the wider jobs market
  • developing your networking skills so you can handle recruiters effectively and can deal directly and successfully with employers
  • maximising the success of your job search strategies by sector, organisation type and in the hidden jobs market

After the Military guarantees that:

In between sessions we don’t just leave you to it, we’ll give you on-going support via phone calls and by email:

  • to act as a sounding-board – “two heads are better than one”
  • to challenge you when and where appropriate
  • to make you accountable for keeping a concise journal recording all your job search activity to be used in following sessions
  • to support you through the inevitable “up and downs” as you advance towards your new career

In a nutshell we use evidence-based tools and techniques in practical training sessions and give you on-going coaching, mentoring and career guidance.

What are my options?

After the Military has three core programmes for people who:

  • have just left
  • left several years ago
  • are still serving but are wondering about what life outside the military could be like

Remember they can be used by spouses, partners or other family members too, who may be faced with rejoining the jobs market or want a career of their own for the first time.

1. The Executive Gold programme – for career transition – six 90 minute sessions delivered during an eight to ten week period:

  • is one of your goals to find a new direction that plays to your strengths, values your
    experience and will give you the chance to fulfill your potential?
  • do you need to enhance your job searching skills, interview techniques and networking effectiveness in the conventional and hidden jobs market?
  • is your ambition to join a large and complex corporate or public sector organisation, a dynamic smaller business or find a completely new profession but you need a strategy to make it happen?

2. The Back to Work Silver programme to help you decide your next move – four 90 minute sessions delivered during a month to six week period:

  • are you looking to evaluate your career and life as things stand?
  • do you want effective change, starting now?
  • do you want to find a trade or clerical role or to enrol on an apprenticeship?
  • do you need to gain new skills by re-training, an internship or further education but don’t know where to start?

3. The Career Builder Bronze programme for a new job starter or where a personal development plan is required – three 90 minute sessions delivered over a month:

  • have you started a new job or are you honing in on one?
  • do you need a plan to identify opportunities with key leaders, colleagues, and other stakeholders in a new company and in the sector as a whole?
  • we’ll design a personal career progression plan to evaluate your longer term development, carried out in an objective and confidential manner.

Please note – our career and transition programmes can be flexed to suit your objectives. Some clients like the sound of what we do but prefer to tell us first which of our services they feel they will benefit from most. After the Military will build a bespoke programme for you.

How much will this investment in my future cost?

  • Our core programmes come with guide prices which are very competitive with other leading professional careers services businesses. We always talk about your budget before agreeing the best way we can work together.
  • As a guide you should budget for the Executive Gold programme – £3,295.00
  • for the Back-to-Work Silver programme – £2,475.00
  • and for the Career builder Bronze programme – £1,950.00

Remember we always give you a free consultation before you commit to anything. We want you to be happy with what we can do.

To speak to After the Military to discuss how we can best work with you and for a free of charge “no obligation” consultation please call Matthew Sheerin, Director on 07517 675 038 or email matthewsheerin@afterthemilitary.co.uk


All our work with clients is underpinned by professional indemnity insurance.