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Dream Job Graphic

“GS” was a Corporal in the UK Armed Forces

  • For almost 3 years since he left the army “GS” had worked at a plumbers’ merchants stocktaking, working behind the till and managing a part-time assistant.
  • He liked where he worked but wanted to find a “career role” that would be more rewarding financially and in other ways too.
  • He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do next but he felt he was good with people and had a decent head for figures.

Obstacles in the way:

  • He had a great sense of loyalty to his boss who was helpful to him during the first few months as he got used to his change of job and promoted him after he had been there for a year. He felt he had lost some of his old self-confidence, perhaps as a result of leaving military life and this was stopping him from fully committing to changing jobs.
  • He was getting married and his fiancée was keen for him to find something that “would do him justice”. Though this is was in some ways an added pressure he recognised that it kept him motivated and feeling supported.
  • His most important goal was to restore his old confidence and resilience.

How we worked:

  • After an initial chat over the phone we agreed to work in one-to-one meetings, held in total confidence.
  • We used “Motivational Interviewing” to measure his readiness for career change and psychometric assessments to evaluate his strengths and resilience levels.

The outcome:

  • After working through just three 90 minute sessions “GS” felt empowered to get over these obstacles, reach his own conclusions and unlock his hidden potential.
  • Having a coach as a “sounding-board” as well as being challenged when needed and receiving direct advice from time to time restored his confidence in his own ability.