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“SM” was a Lance-Corporal in the Army

“SM” served in the British Army for almost nine years. He had fully enjoyed the variety that came with military life. The highlights for him included the training, the people and overseas deployment as well as being promoted to non-commissioned officer. But since he’d left things hadn’t been easy. He had suffered some adverse reactions […]

Dream Job Graphic

“GS” was a Corporal in the UK Armed Forces

For almost 3 years since he left the army “GS” had worked at a plumbers’ merchants stocktaking, working behind the till and managing a part-time assistant. He liked where he worked but wanted to find a “career role” that would be more rewarding financially and in other ways too. He wasn’t sure what he wanted […]


“DM” served for 11 years as a British Army Captain.

He had left the armed-services 18 months ago but didn’t feel he had found comparable job satisfaction. The change in lifestyle was tough; he missed the adrenaline rush, the camaraderie and the pride at being able to say “I am an officer in the British Army”. After an initial chat he agreed to use After […]