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“SM” was a Lance-Corporal in the Army

  • “SM” served in the British Army for almost nine years.
  • He had fully enjoyed the variety that came with military life. The highlights for him included the training, the people and overseas deployment as well as being promoted to non-commissioned officer.
  • But since he’d left things hadn’t been easy. He had suffered some adverse reactions to the experiences he had gone through on active service, which had taken their toll on his mental health. Fortunately, there was an effective treatment plan in place to support and help him cope when challenges arose.
  • In spite of this he had secured a job within one of the UK’s leading charities and had worked there for two years.
  • He spoke to After the Military to help him take stock and set some stretching but achievable goals which he hoped would have a positive impact on all aspects of his life and work plus help him make career plans.

How the coaching exercises benefited “SM”:

We worked one-to-one using targeted coaching exercises to help “SM” re-evaluate and identify how to bring about positive change.

We used up to date coaching and mentoring methods to show him how to put effective stress and time management strategies in place for the future so he could so he could get back in control.

  • He found that his self-confidence was enhanced, and that he has improved his self-awareness when goal-setting and planning.
  • “SM” continues to use the techniques and planning exercises that suit him best and he feels they are valuable tool for him both inside and outside of work.